D and P

Design And Production Inc.
I worked with a company called Design and Production and learned about the different kind of products people build using CAD systems.
In this case most of the work was centered around the production of custom glass cabinetry for the preservation of artifacts in museum installations and while most of the work is centered around framing and support structures using glass which is no small challenge in its self, the interesting thing about this industry is that also requires the design of uncommon things such as interactive machines designed for educational activities, support structures for video equipment to hang from odd angles, designing for building infrastructures such as exhaust vents made to look like anything but an exhaust vent and display's using unconventional material, plastics, fabrics, polymers and more.
I worked on several projects for D&P to design cabinets for the recently opened Bush 41 Presidential Library and the LBJ Presidential Library both in Texas. As well as a number of smaller jobs on various projects that they were working on at the time.
Below are pictures of some of the various projects and the results as they were installed on site.

flag model

Currently on display at the Bush Presidential Library as seen on the left.

An early revision of the proposed display seen on the left... The Block represents the over all dimensions of the car and what I had to design around.


The example to the left show as typical artifact preservation and display case. What you don't see here is the structural tubing below, behind and above the glass doors.
The descant chambers, sensors and lighting that was designed into it using the cad software to build the structures and figure out how big things needed to be.. how to weld and/or bolt them together, hinges and captures for the doors and more.
That was our job. To design such cases so that you don't see the structures behind the glass and artifacts.