The IGS contract was bid to build an online database of universal 3-D STEP file models for use in gas spring applications. 

During the FSS contract I was placed in charge of the engineering and analysis of the door and cover gas spring requirements. 
In the course of reviewing the materials for this effort I contacted a specified vendor International Gas Springs Inc. and Brant, the general manager there provided me with key assistance to completing the task. 

In the course of our work Brant asked me why I would need a 3-D model of his products. I told him about the benefits of a 3-D model and how it insured that I had no interference’s with bracketry and other equipment, provided motion analysis and how much we CAD guys really appreciate an accurate downloadable model from vendors such as IGS. 

We began discussions at length as to what the requirements of such a library would be, what benefits such a system brings to a vendor in terms of the bottom line and how I might be able to help by creating a universal file format for use with IGS's products. 

Examples of the proposed product and cooperative analysis work can be seen below. 

IGS Contract

Due to some limitations IGS understandably choose to work with a company called Catalog Data Solutions and IGS went live with there database in 2006.
My congratulations to Brant and his team at IGS, I think the result will be very lucrative.