Cube-Sat was the brain child of professor Bob Twiggs of Stanford University.
Mr. Twiggs came to me with the concept looking for a mass deployment system using our Multi-Payload Adapter MPA, or some similar structure, and some sort of a kit design that would provide a mass production capability.
I worked with Professor Twiggs and professor Jordi Puig-Suari to create a modular system as seen below and a deployment system that is capable of deploying 18 units at a time and more if stacked.
The unit provided for a minimum of radiation protection with insulating plates between modules. It had a communications system in the lower module, computer in the fifth module down and a power system in the forth module. The experimenter then had a payload envelope of the top three modules which could be configured with little or no restrictions depending on the experiments needs.
I am very pleased to find that over the years the CUBE Sat has enjoyed a continued interest, heavy development activity and many successful launches. Find out more about the CUBE Sat program and its developers at 


CubeSAT Project